Hello World!

Whenever we, Josh and Emily, would have a less-than-optimal day, we'd joke about dropping everything and heading to Southeast Asia. To brighten spirits we'd laugh it off and dive into a bowl of pho, or flip on an episode of whatever Anthony Bourdain was producing at the moment. After a bit of attrition, and some stellar alignment, suddenly that gentle ribbing didn't seem so far-fetched. Suddenly, we were planning a 4 month tour of the Earth's lower-right quadrant, and our leadoff batter would be another bucket-lister, New Zealand.

brb, traveling. is a show and tell of next four months as we trek through Australasia and Southeast Asia. Expect a visual buffet as we flutter and shutter through caves and curries. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but we'll throw thousands more on top with gear reviews, food fancying and gossip about our favorite, or not-so-favorite, locales. At the end of the day, we're just having fun on our (first) adventure of a lifetime.

Follow us on Instagram for photos and videos (we're on most social networks, links in the footer below) and check back here for pings on where we are currently and what trouble we're getting into. For fun, we've added a contribute link at the top if you'd like to buy us a tea or some noodles, and have a neat little idea for those who drop us a buck or two. Also, hit up our Contact page if you have a tip for our itinerary.

We're stoked to do something this magical, but more thrilled to be able to share it with you all. See you again soon, but for now, brb!