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Inspiring others to buy the ticket, leave with an open mind, and explore the world on their terms.


The Story

Work hard, play harder. Right?

After years of exploring together, travel-buddies Emily and Josh wanted to share the sum of their world-hopping experiences. Hoping to inspire others to ditch their comfort zones, the "brb, traveling" brand and concept was born.

They decided to quit lucrative jobs and do the "big trip." Not a novel concept, but one that lives in daydreams of millions of 9-5'ers. Perhaps even yourself right now.

It was a hell of a trip. They were treated to the best the world has to offer: breathtaking sights, plate after plate of street-food, and warm people at every stop and stay. A truly once in a lifetime opportunity.

There were also some bumps, literal bruises, and the eventual heartbreak of returning and starting their lives anew.

Brb, traveling is dedicated to those who consider travel their form of expression, and to those willing risk it all to find something greater than themselves.


Our Approach to Travel

We will always wake up and smell the ca phe sua da. That said, our passionate at brb, traveling is to take a research-heavy approach to adventuring.

Emily's analytical side makes sure no scone is left untasted, and that each destination's options are carefully considered. She's a travel agent in disguise.

Josh captures and communicates. He's a media guru and aspiring travel photographer, who tries his best at local languages hoping to get a smile.

There are three common threads when brb, traveling sets out: absorb local history, taste local cuisine, and immerse in local culture.

History is what makes the stories of our hosts and their countries so compelling. We come from a young country, and appreciate learning from societies that are millenia in the making.

Food is a language we all speak, and chefs are usually their region's most important ambassadors. Tall men slurping noodles over comically small tables will never get old. 

Culture means experiencing a destination at its current crossroads. In the information age, traditions, ancient religions, and languages are lost with each passing generation. We want to help preserve a country's story by telling it through our lens.