We decided we needed a break from our jobs and from NYC.

After many shorter trips over the past 3 years together, it was time to set out on a grander, more terrifying and absolutely magnificent adventure. 

We, Josh and Emily, said brb to the tech world, NYC, friends and family and bought a one way ticket to New Zealand. We plan to head to Asia after about a month in NZ.

Here we will keep our friends and family back home updated on our travels, post tips, recommendations, photos and hopefully a nice dash of inspiration as well. 

Josh & Emily




Over the past five years I've traveled to at least 15 different countries. I've realized that planning, documenting and living these adventures has brought me more joy than most other things in my life. It has also brought discomfort, awe, confidence, perspective and knowledge through experience. That is why leaving my job to travel was just what I needed to do. 

As I was graduating college, my mom suggested I take a road trip instead of accepting the job offer I had. That wasn't what I thought I was "supposed to" do, so I didn't take her advice. I stayed in the NYC area to care for her until she passed away in 2012 and she therefore won't be able to witness this part of my journey. But better late than never to take her advice. She would be proud of me as both a woman in technology and as someone doing what I think will make me most happy even if it is nonconventional. 

Some goals I have for this trip:

  1. Do things that make me say "I can't believe I just did that."

  2. Eat everything, and learn about the food enough to bring the      experience home to my own cooking

  3. Be respectful of other cultures

  4. Be in awe

  5. Have fun

Finally, you can visit my Squarespace Coverpage to find my LinkedIn and Instagram profiles. Also, if you'd like to offer me a job when we return next year, that would be pretty cool too.




I'm a decorated U.S. road warrior, but I never did much international traveling until I moved to New York, and especially after I met Emily. South Dakotans aren't typically an adventurous bunch, but here I am, typing this from 35k feet en route to a lifelong dream.

Professionally, things have been amazing. I've worked for fantastic companies and brands that I believed in, alongside some of the brightest in technology and design. However, I realized I'd spent most of my life working hard toward... well, I wasn't quite sure.  That's what this trip, the "radical sabbatical", is all about.

Initially I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone, but now I want to destroy it as a personal concept. No more experiences lost to fear, uncertainty and unreal expectations. If that sounds familiar, I hope my experience inspires you to do the same.

Some goals I have for this trip:

  1. Fully engage the locals. Learn some names, swap stories and share meals. Maybe make a lifelong friend.
  2. Build a brand. This site is a fun way to report back to our friends and family, but Em and I looking forward to seeing how far we can take brb, traveling. as a brand.
  3. Rediscover myself as a creative. Far too long since I've made something awesome with my bare fingertips. Photos, videos and maybe a song or two will come out of this adventure.
  4. Eat everything. Ditto to Emily, but seriously strange stuff like beaks or scorpions. Or scorpion beaks.
  5. Be present. Soak in the world, smell the roses, human being vs. human doing, etc.